End of Year Editorial

By: Wafa Hozien, Ph.D.

Thanks for the adventure and coming along on our journey. At DIVERSITY in Ed, we are committed to removing the barriers to your success. We are here to bring together great minds working for a cause in creating a better world for the next generations to come. That is what teachers do, and what school leaders want. Yes, school leaders want a team of dedicated individuals that believe in the future.

Through this online platform, we have been on a voyage of discovery. It has been a steady path towards your success. Whether you are a teacher candidate or a school district – a new generation is hitting the workforce and we are here empowering and moving them towards successful outcomes.

We are excited about the coming paths that we are shaping together. With schools and school districts, we are forging new paths to develop a pool of diverse teaching candidates from which they could hire when openings arise. At this substantial time when resources are being depleted and budget cuts are amongst us, again, we are working with districts to ensure that the most talented candidates are at the school house gate.

Teacher candidates have learned that with patience, networking, and hard work, they are able to realize their career dreams as a teacher. We have shared timeless advice with college students and new graduates that want to get a teaching job after college. And we clearly see the positive results.

One last note of wisdom. Future teacher candidates, it is homework time! Thinking about becoming a great teacher? Take DIVERSITY in Ed’s advice – get as much experience under your belt as possible; Work on building relationships with other teachers that you work with and the principals of those schools; Remember to enter every interview with confidence and be patient with your job search; Try not to limit your career too much; Keep non-profit organizations in mind; Be open to different locations and positions; Lastly, don’t forget to visit our job board throughout the summer months because school districts will continue to fill open positions.

Have a great summer everyone, thank you for being in our midst!