By Randolph Mitchell, Ph.D.

Human Resources or HR as it is commonly referred to, may be the single most important function in the process of educating the nation’s “school bound” population.

One need only to consider the many duties and functions to be performed by this multifaceted departmental process of HR as it is an extremely vital function in the nation’s schools and school agencies.

The HR function in any school system hinges heavily on its effectiveness. This week we look at the recruiting process as one component of Human Resources in schools.


The importance of recruiting cannot be understated to the process of HR. Where potential candidates are eventually scouted from and how they are “given the pitch” to join one school system or another is of vital importance to the process.

School Systems have long understood that one of the ways to recruit top candidates for their respective systems is to go where the candidates are being cultivated. This means that:

  1. Recruiting on college and university campuses has long been one of the most effective ways to recruit new, fresh talent for teaching assignments in the nation’s schools.
  2. Many school principals, HR recruiters, department heads and other school staff often participate in recruitment both within their respective communities and in other states around the country.
  3. In fact, attending career fairs, visiting college campus placement offices and scouring applications at their local school system’s personnel office are but a few ways that administrators recruit the needed staff to fill vacancies.
  4. These are potential vacancies that may arise during any cycle of the school year.

However, the process takes place, whether through aids, active recruitment on college campuses, at career fairs or word of mouth, the objective for any school system is ultimately to achieve the ability to eventually hire qualified candidates that meet the needs of their respective school system’s student populations, parent constituency, and community needs and requirements.


Dr. Randolph Mitchell is a retired school principal with the Alexandria Pubic Schools, VA. Dr. Mitchell’s research emphasis is on educational implications of African American youth.