It’s that time again–back to school time. The classrooms are filled with students who are waiting for your knowledge. The principals are looking for the right people who will be a good fit for their schools. The parents are counting on teachers to take their kids on a journey of learning. But the question is are you an employable educator? Does the title teacher automatically ensure that you are ready for the tasks ahead as an educator?

4 Tips on How to Make Sure You are Employable

1. Always be confident. Hold your head up high, and show sincere self assurance. Let principals know that you are a difference maker, and you are ready to perform at a high level.

2. Let your winning personality show. It is good to be positive and upbeat. Make sure you are filled with energy and smiles. Avoid asking negative questions.

3. Don’t play the blame game. Maybe you lost a position or you didn’t get the position you wanted elsewhere. Don’t blame other people for your losses, and don’t let your conversation portray you as the victim. Show that you are looking to moving forward in your career, and that you are ready to run the race that is ahead for you.

4. Always be willing to learn. Let it be known that you are a continuous learner. Attend conferences and workshops. Read books on leadership and growth. Be the one to implement new ideas and strategies. Be open to change and the evolution of new trends.

As an educator, make sure you are employable. Principals, students and parents need you. Being employable is about finding the place where you can be the light that is needed in the educational arena today.