The DIVERSITY in Ed eMAG is designed to serve as an interactive career guide for job-seeking teachers of diverse backgrounds. From September through May, the monthly publication will be electronically distributed to thousands and thousands of prospective teacher candidates of colleges and universities nationwide, members of professional teaching organizations and individual subscribers.


The Success Series (Part 7)

Do you know how to look, talk, think and act like a successful teacher?

Cover Letters & Résumés

Showcase your knowledge, skills and experiences in an appropriate manner.

Career Readiness

Are you ready to teach? Take a self-discovery pop-quiz to find out.

The Portfolio

Guidelines for assembling an exceptional teacher portfolio.

The Interview

Creatively showing your competitive edge and standing out from the rest.

The Network

Don’t act like a networking novice — learn the basics and act like a professional.

Job Search Action Plan

Finding your dream job has never been so fun.

Expert Advice

The Editor’s Message

Job Search Action Plan

  1. Visit your campus career center or make an appointment to see a career counselor regarding your job search planning process
  2. Learn as much as possible about the teacher jobs in the area that you would like to live and work
  3. Google the school district and learn about its mission and vision. You will need this information in the cover letter to explain why you are a good fit


  1. Search online for educator jobs of interest to you, career events and job search related resources
  2. Google yourself. Be sure your online persona reflects the qualities of an effective teacher. Delete anything that you find about yourself that is even slightly questionable
  3. Start a file to collect artifacts for your professional portfolio (electronic and hard copy) to showcase your experience in an interview


Oct / Nov /Dec
  1. Begin creating a professional “teaching” resume; this is a work in-progress and will change with each practicum and student teaching experience. Be sure to update as you gain experience
  2. Start a rough draft of a cover letter
  3. Begin networking by contacting friends, family, and faculty to inform them of your job search and conduct informational interviews
Jan / Feb / Mar
  1. Continue updating and revising your resume and cover letter
  2. Collect letters of recommendation from practicum and student teaching experiences. Your references should be able to speak to your teaching ability
  3. Register online for the DIVERSITY in Ed Virtual Job Fair on April 6, 2017 (CLICK HERE) and any others in your area

April’s Action Plan

  1. Finalize your working and presentation portfolio
  2. Prepare and practice for any upcoming interviews and job fairs
  3. Attend the DIVERSITY in Ed Virtual Job Fair and others in your area


  1. Continue to practice answering interview questions. If you have a webcam, find online resources such as InterviewStream, which allows you to practice web-interviewing from the comfort of your own home
  2. Send thank you letters to school districts you interviewed with at job fairs
  3. Utilize online job posting systems to identify and apply to open positions locally, nationally, and internationally. Keep a log of job search communications and copies of your applications
June / July
  1. Hopefully, you’ll have several offers to consider. If you accept an offer, celebrate!
  2. If you have not yet received a full-time job offer, consider teacher assistant or substitute teaching opportunities. Positions may continue to open through early fall. Don’t give up!
  3. Meet with a career counselors to thank them for help in finding a job or to discuss your job search and analyze what worked and what did not work to prepare for mid-year openings.



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The School District of Collier County located in Naples, Florida serves more than 46,000 total students in 29 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 8 high schools, and a PreK-thru-12 school (Everglades City School). There are also 13 Alternative School Programs.




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