When an HR recruiter reveals interview techniques every teacher candidate should know, you better listen.

By Candace M. Moore

As a prospective candidate for a new teaching position, how do you impress school personnel? In addition to professional attire, straight posture and articulate speech, consider implementing these resourceful tips to enhance your next interview!

1. Reference Educational Buzzwords

There are certain key terms or phrases that administrators and human resources recruiters expect during interviews. Here are a few: differentiated instruction, technology integration, rigor, individual learning styles and assessments (peer, weekly tests, quizzes, progress monitoring). Mentioning and accurately using these expressions in your responses will demonstrate pedagogy, or “the art of teaching” from your educational programs and experiences.

2. Understand the Significance of College and Career-Ready Preparation

Educational policymakers and administrators are emphasizing college and career-ready preparation among K-12 students. They connect with employers to identify marketable skills, and then encourage practical formulation in the classroom to develop students into productive employees in the future. An awareness of how you will integrate this idea into your instruction will distinguish your interview from those of other candidates.

3. Prepare to Discuss Teaching Techniques and Expectations

Classroom management, interactive lessons, data-driven objectives and rapport with educational stakeholders (parents, colleagues, mentors, etc.) are expected aspects of your position. Prepare to discuss potential strategies and examples in these areas. Additionally, hypothesize scenarios — including problems and solutions — that may become a reality of your position in the future.

4. What Qualities Contribute to Your Ability to Be an Educator?

Consider personal characteristics that will support your ability to be a fantastic teacher. What are the meaningful reasons you decided to pursue a career in education? Remember these qualities and points not only for your interview, but also throughout your career when challenging times arise. Display confidence in your skills and abilities. Show personality and creativity. Minimize timidity. Administrators and human resources personnel want to ensure that you will be able to survive in the classroom.

5. Examine Your Social Media Profile, and Eliminate Unprofessional Items

This point cannot be stressed enough. Because you are a professional, it is vital that all of your social media pages reflect your future destination. Do not risk the chance of anyone — an employer, parent, child, colleague or foe — discovering photos, messages or videos that could compromise your professional and financial security. Even if your profiles are private, take a precautionary measure by removing detrimental items. Consult wise counsel if you need assistance “cleaning” your social media profiles.