Job Search Action Plan

You’ve finally reached the last two semesters before graduating with your teacher education degree. The next big hurdle is to find the right teaching job. It may appear to be a daunting task, however, it can be accomplished. Since you have only one year remaining before graduation, my advice is to put together a one-year job search plan. By doing so, you’re literally taking reign of your future. You’re not leaving your job search to chance. This will be one year dedicated to finding the right, full-time teaching job. My recommendation is to make it an experience where you continue to learn about the teaching profession and make it a fun, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find your first professional teaching position.

With the organization of an aggressive one-year approach, it helps to ensure mental fitness for the expedition and enhanced confidence as you prepare to search for your first professional, teaching position. You will be keenly aware of what to expect throughout the job search process. Also, you’re getting an early start which will help to minimize stress and maximize effort. In the event there is a road block ahead, you can heed the warning signs, seek advice, if needed, then continue with the well thought-out expedition.

It is essential than you collect letters of recommendations from professors and mentor teachers for your portfolio.  As a teacher applicant it is important to compile a list of no less than three to five references. Remember to always ask a person’s permission before using them as your reference. The application states five, professional references required; you are expected to list five references. A completed application consisting of less than five references will be placed in an incomplete applicant file. If you are a highly-qualified applicant, one who has tested/passed and have all the necessary teaching credentials, attach these credentials and your transcript with your application. This is how you can help to expedite your job application process.

Your job search plan should delineate specific tasks to accomplish during the summer months prior to your graduation year, the fall semester and the spring semester, which will be filled with student teaching, job interviews and graduation. Don’t overload the spring semester with too many extraneous activities.

Click the buttons below for the month-by-month and the semester-by-semester action plans to use as guides.

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Patricia Alexander is a career education professional with more than 20 years of experience in higher education and previous experience in Corporate America and K-12 educational settings. As an advocate for student success, she encourages early, on-going self and career awareness, career planning, shadowing and professional preparation. At the Texas A&M Career Center she is an Associate Director for Campus Programs and the liaison for the College of Education and Human Development. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Education with advanced coursework in Adult Education.