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Located in Massachusetts, FPS has a diverse student population and currently instructs students from over 70 countries who speak approximately 72 languages.

We are committed to offering the highest quality of educational experiences to all students through language development programs in EnglishSpanish and Portuguese that foster grade-level social and academic language proficiency and mastery of state content-area standards, while simultaneously building on and celebrating students’ culturallinguistic and educational backgrounds, practices, and experiences.

Our Mission

The mission of the Framingham Public Schools, a system that understands and values our diversity, is to educate each student to learn and live productively as a critically thinking, responsible citizen in a multicultural, democratic society by providing academically challenging instructional programs taught by a highly qualified and diverse staff and supported by comprehensive services in partnership with our entire community.

Our Core Beliefs

Learning is the central purpose of schools
Human differences are to be respected
Collegiality and professionalism characterize the school community
Individuals are responsible for their behavior

Our Goal

We strive to afford all Framingham students the opportunity to learn in an educational environment where the diversity of our students is reflected in our professional staff. We are committed to respecting human differences and ensuring accountability of actions in an environment that provides needed resources to support the social-emotional, physical, and mental health needs of our students so that they are ready, willing and able to engage as learners in the Framingham Public Schools.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Community Engagement (OEDCE) of Framingham Public Schools oversees all matters related to Equity, Diversity, Community, and Family Engagement. This includes bias-based incidents, investigations support, and wraparound services. In addition, the office oversees the departments of Adult ESL Plus, Community Resource Development (CRD), The Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham (ECAF), and Student Registration (Welcome Center).


We are committed to excellence for all students. A core value, embedded in the district’s philosophy and goals, is that “all children will learn”. Offering equitable access to education to all of our students hinges largely on providing the highest quality teachers in every school and classroom.

Diversity among teachers and staff undoubtedly advances the academic achievement of students. Compliance obligations establish the baseline; as a district, Framingham Public Schools are committed to achieving, developing and maintaining a workforce reflective of the rich racial, linguistic, and cultural diversity of our students. Framingham Public Schools aims to teach our children, and ourselves, to be culturally proficient and inclusive in order to live, learn, and work together in a vibrant and diverse world. 


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