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Alma Advisory Group is a woman-of-color-led consulting services organization that helps foster conditions where everyone can do their best work toward your vision and goals. Swift and sustainable outcomes are the true tests of our coaching and collaborative process, making us champions for organizational success. 

We succeed when our clients find sustainable solutions to management challenges using our coaching and collaborative performance management process.

Everyone has equal value

When it comes to implementing organizational change, great ideas can — and should — come from every level of an organization. In fact, workers outside the C-suite can often get closer to the truth than anyone else working inside the company. The leadership may drive the vision, but front-line workers usually have valuable insight on the opportunities and barriers to getting there.

We don’t have to generate every good idea.

Our team’s strength comes from listening thoughtfully, naming the end goal (because it’s not always clear), setting the path to that end goal, then helping our clients get the resources and team in place to build and sustain it.

We’re always learning.

Closed minds cannot absorb new information. So, we believe our team should always be learning about how change works, learning about how to lead and influence others, and learning about the keys to solving long-standing issues.

            Change requires change.

            Great ideas often go through multiple iterations and adaptations before they can become part of an organization’s fabric. Change requires a leader who has the platform, will, persistence, and time to see the organization through those iterations. Good leaders are willing to reflect on and adapt the work to make it better over time.

            What we offer

            An organization can only succeed when it hastalented, well-supported people willing to do their best every single day. Alma Advisory Group helps to deliver that success for our clients using four strategies:

            • Asking questions
            • Finding gaps
            • Spotlighting your best people
            • Inspiring Company Cultures

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