The Master of Science in Education Program at Northwestern University is committed to developing a community of educators–including aspiring teachers, faculty/staff, mentor teachers, and teacher leaders– of the highest caliber who see teaching as a scholarly, complex endeavor that requires an understanding of the intertwined nature of theory and practice. Our program works in partnership with a variety of K-12 schools including Chicago Public Schools and other districts in the Chicagoland area. Our vision is to enable the development of educators who are committed and well prepared to advance equity and social justice-based learning environments, engage within and across communities, understand learning and development, and foster subject matter sense-making.

The MSEd Program has concentrations for those who are seeking to earn their initial teaching license (Elementary and Secondary Teaching), practicing teachers who want to earn a master’s degree (Teacher Leadership), and general education for those who want to earn a master’s degree without licensure (Educational Studies).

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At Northwestern, we believe that diversity – of background, identity, belief, interest, expertise – is essential to learning and to a healthy society. We also believe in convening a community of open-minded individuals who are eager to benefit from and contribute to the world of perspectives represented on campus and beyond. The world now needs teachers who can weave together the assets of students’ past, present and future experiences across settings to help them develop into strong leaders of subject-matter who strive to address inequities and power relations of systemic racism, sexism, socioeconomic classism, heteronormativity, ableism, and other forms of human oppression.



The Master of Science in Education Program has fellowships targeted specifically in increase the diversity of candidates entering the MSEd Program. There are also additional fellowships targeted for specific subject areas, such as STEM or Elementary Teaching. Lastly, the MSEd Program offers 1-2 graduate assistantships each year, which preference given to candidates who will be in the program for two years or more.

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