Shaping Career Paths

Local college career centers can be a big help in your initial search for a teaching position. Here are just a few suggestions for how to prep for a career center visit and polish your personal story before you head to the hiring office.

For new teachers fresh out of college, change can be daunting. But by connecting early with available resources, you can start the process of preparing for a career that will bring countless positive experiences. One of the most important connections that teachers can make early on is a partnership with their college or university career center. New teachers who make an effort to find out about the resources offered in career centers will find their transition from college to the classroom to be easier because they will have a clearer picture of their pathway through college and into a career.

Getting to Know the Profession

As you begin to think about your career, ask your career center staff members if they can help connect you to alumni who are already working in education. You can learn a lot from the career choices of others, especially when it comes to how their education and life experiences ultimately shaped their choices. In learning from people who share some aspects of your own background, you can gain a sense of confidence and become more aware of your own choices and the best approach to your career goals.

Student Preparation

A visit to the career center can be an exciting and interesting time to try out your interviewing skills in a safe, supportive space. It’s essential that teacher candidates start using their critical-thinking skills early; employers today want to know that candidates can think on their feet and be problem solvers. You may want to focus your visit on a single theme, such as the importance of internships, interviewing skills or building a résumé. Reach out to the Career Center ahead of time to see what’s possible, and prepare for whatever resources they can offer you.

The Wrap Up

Consistency is important. Your career center staff will offer tips and techniques for following up after you land that first interview, so be sure to practice those skills and send a thank you note to the career center. The career center is a great way to stay connected to your college, and it offers you the opportunity to give back one day and share your own insights as a seasoned classroom teacher.