Stanford Graduate School of Education is dedicated to solving education’s greatest challenges. Through rigorous research, model training programs, and partnerships with educators worldwide, we pursue equitable, accessible and effective learning for all. We offer programs at the doctoral and master’s degree levels. Our cross-area specializations and joint-degree offerings leverage the university’s vast intellectual resources.

Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) aims to cultivate teacher leaders who share a set of core values, including a commitment to social justice, an understanding of the strengths and needs of a diverse student population, and a dedication to equity and excellence for all students. The program takes an approach to teaching and learning sensitive to the family, community, and political contexts of education, focused on the needs and development of learners, and grounded in the study of subject matter that enables inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving.

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We will be recruiting at the October 5, 2021 Virtual Teacher Recruitment Fair, and invite you to visit our representatives.



Stanford Graduate School of Education is committed to creating an environment in which everyone can thrive, learn, and contribute meaningfully to addressing the most pressing education issues in our diverse communities. Through responsive teaching and innovative research, our faculty members focus on equity every day. Our research centers examine how issues of equity affect students, educators, and schools. And our students, faculty, and staff see equity and inclusion as central to our mission of creating new and better ways to achieve high-quality education for all. 

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Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) is committed to supporting a diverse and talented cohort of teacher candidates. The two main sources of support are the Dorothy Durfee Avery Loan Forgiveness Program and STEP tuition fellowships, and, when combined with a variety of federal loan forgiveness programs, they enable many teacher candidates to attend free of cost while receiving a living stipend.

Avery Loan recipients must work in a public school or an underserved private school in the United States and do not need to make payments on the loan as long as they are teaching in an eligible school. After two years of eligible teaching half of the loan is forgiven and after four years the remainder is forgiven. STEP tuition fellowships, offered to over 85% of STEP teacher candidates, consist of up to $25,000 in tuition aid to eligible students. 

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Online Application Process

Express your interest: https://signup.e2ma.net/signup/1909906/25414/
Register for a recruitment event: https://ed.stanford.edu/admissions/visit
Apply for summer 2021 entry: https://ed.stanford.edu/admissions/apply