For over 160 years Antioch University has been a leader in progressive education, making a difference in the lives of children, adults, families by emphasizing equity-driven, culturally responsive pedagogy and preparing our candidates to teach in today’s diverse classrooms. Through experiential learning, small class sizes, and collaborative learning environments, we’ve created a set of programs to help you become the teacher you’ve always wanted to be. We would be honored if you would attend one of our upcoming events.

We will be recruiting at the October 5, 2021 Virtual Teacher Recruitment Fair, and invite you to visit our representatives.



In radical recognition of our mission and purpose, we pledge to actively engage in ongoing development as a wholly inclusive community. To this end we will consistently, deliberately and systematically strive to be appropriately responsive to the myriad dimensions of human diversity, such that none are marginalized and all experience justice and empowerment. Moving beyond tolerance toward inclusion and the celebration of our differences, we will courageously embrace any resulting challenges as they arise, recognizing that the responsibility for this rests with each and every member of the community. We assert that we will move expeditiously toward our goals through an ongoing commitment to courageous self‐examination and respectful and honest interactions, which will lead us to the creation of formal and informal structures, policies, programs, and services that will give life to these ideals on our campuses and as we touch the world around us.



Richard Norris Native American Scholarship  — This scholarship recognizes Richard Norris’ many contributions to the Antioch University Seattle Community, and seeks to honor his commitment to student service by supporting and recognizing the potential of a new Native American, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian AUS student. This is a one-time, $2,000 scholarship.

Martinez Fellowship Program — Impact Washington’s achievement gap by improving teacher diversity and retaining teachers of color. Fellows receive early career coaching, ongoing professional development, mentorship, and possible University-sponsored financial assistance.  

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