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About Us

Cabarrus County Schools is a local education agency headquartered in Concord, North Carolina. Over 32,000 students are enrolled in Cabarrus County Schools, and the school system employs over 2200 teachers.

CCS offers 15 specialized programs at 30 schools including STEM, IB, Language Immersion, Fine Arts, Early Colleges, National Academy Foundation-Certified Academies, Balanced Calendar. More than $35 million in scholarships earned by Class of 2019. Within our schools, 97 languages are spoken and students and families represent 89 countries.


Our Mission

We will provide a safe, positive, and respectful community to empower students’ development into responsible citizens.

At Central Cabarrus, our students, teachers, and community will be personally invested and engaged in a meaningful, growth based learning process. We will have a 95% graduation rate in each four-year cohort and exceed district averages on local and state assessments. When asked about our school, parents across our district will say “I wish my child went to Central.”


Our Culture, Diversity & Equity

Cabarrus County Schools works to ensure through professional development, recruitment, retention, mentoring, teacher working conditions surveys, national board certification and other effective strategies, that low income and minority students are not taught at higher rates than other students by inexperienced, unqualified or out-of-field teachers.


Our Recruitment

The Cabarrus County Schools Human Resources Department staff will support the district mission by delivering superior customer service through recruitment, support and retention of a diverse and highly qualified workforce.

Our school system is known for having high expectations for our students and the belief that our students will and can achieve great things in the classroom and in life. But we’re raising the bar, each and every day, because we believe in pushing our students just a little more than what they believe they can achieve. Simultaneous to teaching them is helping them believe in themselves. By striking a balance, we’re making sure our students know they are supported while we raise their individual and collective bars. We want them to know and reach for their potential. At CCS, we challenge our students not to settle for average on any given day.

Our Teachers

What to Expect from Our Beginner Teacher Support Program

The beginning teacher:

  • Is assigned a mentor
  • Is provided an orientation
  • Completes a Professional Development Plan with the assistance of an
    administrator and mentor
  • Is observed on the NC Teacher Evaluation System at least three times by
    an administrator, and once by a peer observer
  • Receives a summary evaluation by the principal
  • Completes an extracurricular activity duties request for any extra‐
    curricular activities
  • Participates in professional development
  • Meets with mentor regularly and signs checklists quarterly

Our Employment Policy
Equal Opportunity Employer

Cabarrus County Schools is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, or handicapping condition. (Title VI, Civil Rights Act of 1964) Cabarrus County Schools

4401 Old Airport Road
Concord, NC 28025
Phone: 704 260-5600