DIVERSITY in Ed Launches 2019-2020 Campaign: “Proud to Promote Diversity & Equity in Education”

Houston, TX—On September 5, 2019, DIVERSITY in Ed Magazine & Online Service launches their 2019-2020 campaign: “Proud to Promote Diversity & Equity in Education.” This campaign builds off of years of success as a champion of diverse hiring in schools and school systems across the U.S. The campaign will also promote DIVERSITY in Ed’s new online platform, a dynamic, interactive job board with the goal of increasing diversity and equity in education.

DIVERSITY in Ed’s campaign will also feature a monthly e-newsletter mailed on the first Wednesday of each month to the entire DIVERSITY in Ed Education Community Network. This network includes teachers, education leaders, HR recruiters, professional teaching organizations executives, State Departments of Education, and heads of community affinity/interest groups.

“The expansion of our network, including our new website and monthly newsletter provides immense value to our members,” says Trina Edwards, co-publisher of DIVERSITY in Ed. “Whether they are a job-seeking teacher, a school administrator, or an executive director of a professional organization, we are excited to partner with them and give them access to our growing network of diversity experts and education professionals.”While the new site is a fee based service, DIVERSITY in Ed also offers free consultations for any schools or school districts interested in learning more about DIVERSITY in Ed’s role as a diversity expert in the field of teacher recruitment and retention. Signing up to receive the email newsletter is also free, and recipients will receive the following info each month:

  • Campaign Updates
  • Employer Highlights
  • Featured Teaching Opportunities
  • An HR focused article on how to best engage with teacher candidates
  • An article focused on College & University Graduate programs
  • An article on professional development courses/programs for new educators
  • Community Affinity Group Impact and Actions

For more information on DIVERSITY in Ed’s 2019-2020 campaign and e-newsletter launch, visit www.diversityined.com or contact 281-265-2473.


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