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Brittany Jenkins

Job Seeker Success Story

What made you choose DIVERSITY in Ed as a resource to search for a career opportunity?

DIVERSITY in Ed introduced me to the company I was interested in working for, which was Mastery Charter Schools. On the job posting for the position I was pursuing, they stated they would be at the DIVERSITY in Ed Job Fair. I figured it would be a great opportunity to meet the recruiters for that position. So I registered, attended, and got the job I was looking for!  

What did you do to prepare for Virtual Teacher Recruitment Fair?

To prepare, I researched the company I was applying to and spoke with Trina Edwards on the DIVERSITY in Ed Team. Researching Mastery Charter Schools helped be learn about their programs and mission; this helped me speak on that important information with recruiters. Speaking with Trina Edwards helped me know what to look out for and identify additional opportunities during the job fair.

What was the outcome of your job search process?

I got the exact job I was looking for!

What advice would you offer to a candidate in search of a teaching job?

I would advise candidates to identify an area of study they’re passionate about and seek instructional positions in that space. I teach Computer Science and am very passionate about exposing high school students in under-served communities to the Tech Industry. This helps me be an effective instructor, and also helps me get through the challenges of teaching.

Would you recommend DIVERSITY in Ed to job seekers?

Yes, I actually recommend DIVERSITY in Ed to job seekers often. I think the organization as a whole is a very supportive resource for job seekers throughout the entire recruitment process.

Brittany Jenkins

STEM Teacher, Mastery Charter Schools, Simon Gratz High School Campus

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