I am a Determined and Ambitious Learner

Determination is ambition fueled by will. Do you have the determination to achieve your goals? If you do, you’ll use everything at your disposal to succeed. This may include friends, family and other people who will support you creatively, emotionally, or financially. You realize that if you really want to succeed at something, you’ll make the time for it, take the risk for it, and do your best to ease any doubts about it. You’ll do whatever it takes not to give up.

The era we live in belongs to people who believe in themselves, but are focused on the needs of others. And those people have three things in common:

  1. They learn everyday.
  2. They have the courage to live their dreams.
  3. They build trust in others.

By doing this, they lead a life that is fulfilling, interesting, and fun. – Jeffrey Immelt