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Formed in 1912 as the Chicago Hospital-College of Medicine, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is a national leader in interprofessional medical and healthcare education, offering a doctor of medicine program through the Chicago Medical School, doctor of podiatric medicine program through the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, and a range of degrees through its College of Health Professions, including nurse anesthesia, nutrition, physical therapy, pathologists’ assistant and physician assistant. The University also offers advanced biomedical degrees through the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The University received candidate status for the PharmD program in its College of Pharmacy and welcomed its first class August 2011.
Current enrollment includes 2.157 students who are completing advanced biomedical and healthcare degrees. There are over 17,000 alumni of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, including more than 7.344 Chicago Medical School graduates, who dedicate their careers to promoting the health and well being of their patients. The mission of Rosalind Franklin University is to serve the nation through the education of health professionals and the discovery of knowledge dedicated to improving the health of its people. Life in Discovery. Today, the University stands on the frontier of the new healthcare by educating the next generation of healthcare professionals, conducting leading-edge biomedical research, and serving the community in innovative ways.

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Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science creates a pathway of excellence in education, service, scholarship and healthcare by embracing a community of people with a breadth of characteristics, experiences and accomplishments. Our diversity embodies the understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizes our individual differences. These differences include but are not limited to internal dimensions such as personality, race, age, gender, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, learning and thinking style; external dimensions such as geographical location, marital status, income level, educational background, work experience, religious and political beliefs; and organizational dimensions such as professional affiliation, organizational status and level of influence. We acknowledge that categories of differences are not always fixed but also can be fluid, we respect individual rights to self-identification, and we recognize that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another.

RFUMS is committed to intentional acts of inclusion recognizing both cognitive and non-cognitive qualities. Inclusion means more than just acknowledging and/or tolerating differences. The concept of inclusion encompasses acceptance and respect. Inclusion is a set of conscious actions that involve knowing how or learning to relate to those qualities and conditions that are different from our own yet are present in other individuals and groups. It is through inclusion that our educational milieu is enriched by the varied perspectives and experiences that each unique member brings to the community and through which we affect positively the healthcare of our world.

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