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Hartford Public Schools is a school district serving the city of Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford Public Schools is the largest public school district in Connecticut, serving 46 magnet and non-magnet schools in the district.The District Model of Excellence is Hartford Public Schools’ road map to success: Teaching & Learning, Family & Community Partnerships, Operational Effectiveness, and School Climate & Culture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and prepare ALL of our beautiful and capable students to meet success in and beyond school. We are proud of the diversity of our school district, made up of multiple cultures and more than 80 spoken languages.

Our Vision

All students will graduate with the skills necessary to read, write, compute and communicate effectively; think critically and creatively; work independently and collaboratively with others from diverse backgrounds; and engage in innovative interdisciplinary and complex problem solving.

Our Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is a one-stop shop for families where people walk out feeling much better– more enriched, informed, and better prepared than when they walked in.  Our Superintendent, Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, has dreams and targets for our children. The education of each child is so important, and we know that reaching these targets and achieving these dreams are dependent upon family engagement.  The Welcome Center is here to support you in the day-to-day living of your family, to help you assess your needs, and to answer your questions.  Let us help you be a strong and full partner in your child’s education.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We will employ effective, efficient, and collaborative processes and systems for staffing of qualified educational personnel; collection and communication of employee performance data; guidance and support with performance management; and recruitment, induction, and retention of new talent.

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Assignment and Staffing
  • Induction
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • Professional Development
  • Differentiation and Career Management
  • Preparation and Licensure

District Model for Excellence

As part of the district’s innovative urban school reform initiative to close achievement gaps and enable students to participate in a global economy, the district converted the Human Resources Department into the Office of Talent Management & Labor Relations (OTM-LR).  The key approach of OTM-LR is to partner with each school’s Human Capital Manager – the Principal – to improve student learning by attracting, developing, and retain high-quality teaching talent.

The Office of Talent Management & Labor Relations will ensure that each school is led by an effective leader and that each leader has the support to develop and retain highly qualified teachers — from recruitment to induction and ultimately through their career path development.


960 Main Street – 9th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103 

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