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FCS serves over 51,500 students and is the largest employer in the county with 8,000+ full/part-time employees and substitutes. Since 2000, our student enrollment has grown 215%. We have built 23 new/replacement schools and all existing schools received additions/modifications. For 2021-22, we are home to 41 schools – 22 elementary, 11 middle, 7 high, and 1 college and career high school. By 2022, we will have opened 4 additional new schools (2 elementary, 1 middle, and 1 high), a new Academies for Creative Education (ACE), and the Forsyth County Arts and Learning (FoCAL) Center.

Impact Statement

To achieve quality learning and superior performance for all, Forsyth County Schools will create a culture of belonging where differences, abilities and beliefs are respected and celebrated.

Our Strategic Plan

Forsyth County Schools is proud to be one of the top districts in Georgia and the United States. This success has been accomplished with a long-standing commitment to strategic planning with staff, parents/guardians, citizens and businesses, working to support the primary customer, the individual student.

Our Student Teaching

We believe that school-community partnerships are essential to student success. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to partner with colleges and universities in preparing the next generation of educators. By establishing excellent relationships with local teacher preparation programs, we hope to positively impact the student teaching experience and create opportunities for new teachers to succeed.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core concepts that operate in relation to each other.

Diversity: The broad set of visible and invisible dimensions encompassing all the ways in which people, processes and perspectives differ within the FCS family.

Equity: The result of ensuring each individual has what they need includes identifying and removing personal and systemic barriers that limit the full participation of all individuals and groups.

Inclusion: The active process of welcoming, respecting, supporting, connecting and valuing while acknowledging the uniqueness or identity of all FCS family members.

Connecting Dreams to Success!

We are progressive while maintaining a welcoming, supportive, and nurturing culture for students and staff alike.

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