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Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is a catalyst that transforms our community’s most valuable potential – our children – and shapes a thriving future. We are the community’s gathering place where, together, we foster creative thinking, a culture of caring, and lifelong connections. In our schools, students share a diversity of experiences that prepare them for success in a global society; teachers creatively challenge and inspire young minds; and parents actively engage in their children’s future.

Our Mission

Fairfax County Public Schools inspires and empowers students to meet high academic standards, lead healthy, ethical lives, and be responsible and innovative global citizens.

Our Vision

Looking to the Future, Commitment to Opportunity, Community Support, Achievement, Accountability

Our Beliefs

  • Each student is entitled to an excellent education that meets their individual needs.
  • Dynamic and supportive partnerships among students, parents, educators, and the community are critical to meet student needs and provide enriching experiences.
  • Effective educators are essential to student success.
  • Families play a fundamental role in their children’s education.
  • High expectations inspire high performance.
  • Everyone thrives in a vibrant, healthful, safe, enriching, and respectful environment.
  • Our diversity is a strength that creates resilient, open, and innovative global citizens.
  • Quality early childhood education is crucial to school readiness and future success.
  • Literacy is an essential life skill, and reading proficiency by third grade is critical for the academic success of all students.
  • A well-rounded education enables students to lead productive, fulfilling, creative, and culturally rich lives.
  • An educated citizenry enhances everyone’s quality of life, improves our economy, and sustains our system of self-governance.
  • A successful education system develops students who are effective communicators; collaborators; creative critical thinkers; global and ethical citizens; and goal-directed, resilient learners.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Equity Profile is a part of the work outlined in the One Fairfax Policy which states, “Fairfax County Public Schools will incorporate data and publish performance measures that can be analyzed, quantified, and disaggregated to evaluate the extent to which our systems are achieving goals.”

Data is published on an annual basis and can be disaggregated and analyzed to view trends in division and school performance. The Student Demographics Data provides information about all students, various demographic groups, and specific student populations. 

Engage, Inspire, Thrive

FCPS, one of the-largest employer in Virginia, has 24,839.2 full-time employees, of whom 92.9 percent are school-based and 7.1  percent non-school-based. Our FY 2022 Approved Budget of $3.4 billion is primarily funded by Fairfax County (64.3 percent) with contributions from Virginia (23.1 percent), other sources (.7 percent) and the federal government (9.4 percent). More than 86 percent of the budget goes toward instruction, and the average cost per student is $16,505.

The FCPS bus fleet is one of the largest bus fleets in the U.S., transporting more than 141,000 students on over 1,600 buses each day. FCPS has more than 27 million square feet of school buildings and office space, including 173 Energy Star certified buildings (more than any other school system in the country). 

Our Job Openings

Junior Front End Developer

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Product Manager

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UX Researcher

Divi Corner – San Francisco, California – View Listing


Gatehouse Administration Center
8115 Gatehouse Road
Falls Church, VA 22042

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