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Introducing New Solutions to HR & Education Leaders, and Classroom Teachers

DIVERSITY in Ed’s new webinar session series will feature industry experts that will talk about key topics on diversity, equity, and inclusion and how it will improve the dynamics in schools, districts, and communities. Join the 2023 monthly webinar sessions when you’re a member of the community— Diversity Recruitment Partners “Equity Network“.

Recruiting Hiring Retention

Marsha Lynn Hudson,Ed.S

CEO /Founder of Hudson Education Consultants

Recruiting Hiring Retention

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is not just a phrase. DEI is a strategy that involves ongoing branding and training for any organization that wants to create a culture that will attract the right educators and will cause them to want to stay.

For HR & Education Leaders

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 12pm – 1pm, CST

Webinar Title: Why Teachers Leave and What Motivates Them to Stay: It’s Not What You Think

In this webinar, the presenter will share strategies for attracting and hiring and attracting top talent. Real-life examples of what teachers say would make them leave. Best practices on things to do on a regular basis that motivates teachers to stay for the long haul.

For Teachers

Saturday, January 28, 2023, 10am – 11am, CST

Webinar Title: How to Achieve Wholeness in the Classroom and Within: 5 Strategies for the Empowered Teacher

In this webinar, the presenter will share 5 strategies to help teachers avoid being stressed out, burnt out, and worn out. The strategies in this webinar include self-care, engagement, the atmosphere, diversity, and communication. Teachers oftentimes, spend more time trying to get control of a classroom as opposed to doing what they love best which is teaching. In the webinar, learn the 5 strategies that will change the trajectory of your classroom and help eliminate the day-to-day struggles and challenges that teachers feel. Time to get back to your first love and put the teach back into teaching. You will be saying, ” I Can’t Believe I taught the Whole Day.”

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