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Article Submission Request

Writer’s Guidelines

Artlcle Approval Deadline is January 16

Article Submission Deadline is February 13

DIVERSITY in Ed print magazine is a national recruitment resource guide for prospective teachers of color and diverse backgrounds. The magazine is published biannually, Spring-March Issue and Fall-October Issue, and is distributed on a controlled request basis (free) to pre-service teachers by the Campus Career Service Office, College of Education, Diversity & Equity Office and Multicultural Departments on over 1,000 colleges and universities, at career fairs, at conferences of professional teaching organizations, and to paid subscribers.

General Guidelines

What we look for in an article? The article must in some way be usable by our readers – to inspire, increase their knowledge, improve their practice, and/or influence their decisions. Content should relate to real issues and concerns while also offering practical solutions. Content should be factual, logical, concise, and well focused. To ensure readability, writers should avoid the use of jargon, providing concrete examples instead.

Unless requested, articles that promote a particular company/institution, product, or service will not be published. Potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed by the author before publication. All articles are subject to editing for style, clarity, language, and length.


As a contributor, you are to write a 750-1000 word article on education based, on research analysis and/or personal experience. Articles are to offer readers your expert advice, tips, recommendations, strategies, statistics, and/or other data that support your subject matter. Topics will fall into one of the following magazine sections: (1) Career Search Process, (2) In the Classroom, (3) Leadership, (4) Teacher Resources, (5) Higher Ed, or (6) Graduate School.

EVERY ARTICLE MUST state ways by which it is relevant to the candidate’s career search process. As you write, ask yourself, “How can this information help the job-seeking teacher candidate land a job or develop professionally?”

Process for submitting an article 

  • Manuscripts should be emailed to editor@DIVERSITYinEd.com in Microsoft Word format by the assigned deadline above.
  • Include your contact information in the e-mail (full name, title, mailing address, phone number, e-mail address).
  • Include a 4-5 sentence “synopsis” describing what the article is about and how it will benefit the reader.
  • Use illustrative charts, graphs, figures, and tables when appropriate.
  • Use endnotes rather than footnotes (optional).
  • Include a 50-word biography of the author(s) at the end. Include the author(s’) full name(s), suffixes, degrees, job title, and any information you’d like to share with the readers. Also, send a high resolution PDF format (large) photograph of author(s).

Both Author and DIVERSITY in Ed Magazine

By submitting an article to DIVERSITY RECRUITMENT PARTNERS, the author thereby grants copyright permissions for publication of article contents as a whole or in parts. The copyright permission gives DIVERSITY in Ed Magazine right to the copyedited version of article to be used in print and electronic formats. The author also owns the rights to the article. If you have questions or concerns about copyright transfer, please contact Trina Edwards, publisher, at Trina@DIVERSITYinEd.com or (281) 265-2473.

Interested in being featured?! Talk with an Editor to Setup an Interview

Do you have an interesting story to tell? Do you have a teacher success story to share? We’re looking for funny, fun and fantastic content.

Contact us to provide the details and request an interview slot. We’d love to hear about how great and wonderful your teachers are and the students they teach.

We also accept great photos and photographer’s credentials.

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