At Trinity Washington University we are committed to preparing educators and other professionals who strive to transform societies through education. Our programs help educators translate their passion and creativity into meaningful impact in the areas of teacher preparation, administration, and curriculum and instruction. 

Courses are taught by caring and innovative faculty with extensive experience in a variety of education areas to provide learners with the content knowledge and skills needed to create 

equitable learning environments and enhance education opportunities for students with varying needs. Programs explore the intersecting relationships of school, home, and community and how they can work together to ensure all students meet their full potential. 

All programs are designed to fit into the complex lives of working professionals. 

We will be recruiting at the October 5, 2021 Virtual Teacher Recruitment Fair, and invite you to visit our representatives.



Trinity’s Education Programs value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we are committed to creating an environment through teaching, scholarship, and service where all students can thrive. We are dedicated to preparing educators and other professionals who will work to advocate for social justice, create equitable learning environments, and enhance education opportunities for all students. 

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