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About Us

Loyola Blakefield is a Catholic, Jesuit, college preparatory school founded in 1852, for boys in grades six through twelve located in Towson, Maryland. Loyola Blakefield offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum that provides a broad range of major course offerings including honors and advanced placement courses, complemented by a selection of enriching electives and co-curricular activities. Ignatian service and spiritual formation, in the Jesuit tradition, is the hallmark of a Loyola education. There are 17 interscholastic sports teams at Loyola Blakefield, as well as musical and dramatic performing arts ensembles, and many clubs and student organizations.


Our Mission

Loyola Blakefield, a Catholic, college preparatory school, established by the Jesuits and imbued with the spirit of Ignatius Loyola, forms men to serve with and for others. The Loyola student is preparing to graduate as a man of integrity, who, because he strives “to find God in all things,” is open to growth, intellectually ambitious, religious, loving, and committed to diversity and doing justice.


Our Culture, Diversity & Equity

In the context of Ignatian Education, we believe in the power and necessity of diversity—to achieve a greater richness of ideas and to prepare our Dons to be leaders in an increasingly global community. We define diversity among our teachers and Dons in many ways: as differences in race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs, but also in gender, learning styles and abilities, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds.

The Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion serves as the primary leader in Loyola Blakefield’s efforts in this area, ensuring the development of an inclusive environment, which welcomes and celebrates all of our students, faculty, and staff at Loyola Blakefield.


Our Recruitment

The Loyola Blakefield educator knows and respects each student for the unique mind and heart that he is. The core of our philosophy is the personal concern for the individual. We talk about it, we practice it and we teach it.

Our Teachers

The average salary for Loyola Blakefield employees is $66,000 per year.

We pride ourselves on matching pride in our mission with extraordinary expertise. From our teachers in the classroom, coaches on the field and administrative staff, Loyola’s commitment to quality is unwavering. When you visit our campus, you’ll be greeted by the many smiling faces of our gifted faculty and staff.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Our Commitment……

The Loyola Blakefield community has an unqualified commitment to addressing the tragic and unacceptable prevalence of racism in any and every form – however subtle or blatant. We fully recognize that the recent events have become an important inflection point for the nation in assessing both areas of progress and the woeful lack thereof in addressing definitively racial equality, disparity of education and economic opportunity, social and racial justice. We will continue to promote a culture at Loyola that is characterized by deep understanding, true empathy and utmost respect for the long hard struggle of our Black sisters and brothers.  

We are committed to assessing both our legacy and current culture and practices to determine what changes need to be made and what measurable initiatives must be implemented to ensure that all who are entrusted to us for their education understand the painful reality of racial injustice and, importantly, their potential to make a discernible difference.

We pledge our relentless commitment to ensuring that all who enter and depart our doors come to embrace their obligation to be true change agents in helping create communities in which all have equal advantage in pursuing their full, unmitigated potential.



P.O. Box 6819 Towson, Maryland 21285-6819