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About Us

STRIVE Prep is a community of public charter schools that challenges each of our scholars  to learn to change their worlds. Founded on the belief that every child deserves a high-quality education right where they live, STRIVE-  Prep serves 3,800 students in 10 schools across Denver.

In 2006, Chris Gibbons, founder and CEO of STRIVE – Prep, opened the first STRIVE – Prep school with the goal of closing historic achievement gaps in Denver. Over a decade later, Chris’ vision continues to guide our schools. Whether students join us in elementary, middle or high school, we welcome every child to achieve a bright future, regardless of their background or previous academic achievement.


Where every scholar is learning to change the world.

Our Vision
STRIVE Prep’s vision is for every student in our community to have easy access to an education which successfully prepares them to earn a college degree and inspires them to give back to and change the communities most important to them.

Our People
We are driven by a singular purpose — to have a lifelong impact on our kids and communities.

Our Voices
Together with our communities,
we’re providing students the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in school and beyond.


Our Culture, Diversity & Equity

As an organization, STRIVE Prep centers itself around three core beliefs: Achievement, Justice and Perseverance. It is our belief in Justice which anchors our work, and our responsibility, to disrupt systems of oppression in our schools. It is imperative to our students and community that this work is meaningful and has an impact on broader societal changes.

We’ve taken some important steps over the past several years in our network, but also recognize that we have a great deal of work to do to fully align our practices with our core beliefs. As a network, we have committed to the following actions:

  • Adopted the network commitment, “I commit to disrupt inequity, bias, and systems of oppression,” to raise our collective accountability and acknowledge that we have much work to do to make this statement true.
  • Convened the IDEAS Advisory Council (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accountability, and Support), a team of STRIVE Prep staff representing each campus and the central office.
  • Led a network-wide book study for the past two years (Oluo, So You Want to Talk About Race, and DiAngelo, White Fragility).
  • Conducted culture audits in schools focused on equity and inclusion.

Our Recruitment

Each team member at STRIVE Prep wakes up excited and honored to make a positive impact for the families in our community. Although our Central Office team members aren’t teaching in the classroom, they are supporting a talented team of teachers and school leaders to help our prepare our scholars for a future of possibilities.

Every team member brings something unique to STRIVE Prep’s community, whether it’s their passion, vision, problem-solving skills or a combination. Across campuses, our community of educators is nearly 500 strong. While our strengths, perspectives and experiences are diverse, we share a singular purpose — to have a lifelong impact on our kids and communities. At STRIVE Prep, you can help kids as they are learning to change the world.

Our Teachers

At STRIVE Prep, you can help kids as they are learning to change the world.

A great teacher can change lives. At STRIVE Prep, we’ve seen this first hand – which is why we want to make sure that every teacher in our classrooms is prepared to be great at their job. The STRIVE Prep Teacher Residency Program pairs new teachers with an experienced teacher over the span of two years, creating a gradual on-ramp to the classroom with increasing responsibilities and expectations.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The education system is historically grounded in oppression and institutional racism. White colonization and privilege drive much of the narrative in many textbooks and classrooms. It is our responsibility and duty to the more than 3,500 students and staff in our network to disrupt this system and take real steps to combat racism. This happens through continued commitment and work, not just superficial emails and statements. We know that these words of action are only meaningful if we follow through and we actively take steps to break the system. That is our commitment.

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