Recruiting Tip #1

Let Data Drive Diversity 

If you’re ready to truly improve teacher diversity at your school or district, the first step is to take a look first at the demographicsof your student body. Once you have a clear sense of the racial and ethnic makeup of your school, you can begin actively working to recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds to better reflect the mix of students you serve. When talking with any new teacher candidates, be prepared for questions about diversity for both students and staff. Remember, teachers from diverse backgrounds aren’t looking for a principal or administrator who says they’re “color-blind,” rather, they want to be seen as the unique individuals they are who bring a range of strengths into the classroom.

“Research demonstrates that the racial/ethnic composition of a school’s teaching faculty can matter for student outcomes and differences in outcomes across student groups. Specifically, growing evidence shows that students of color have more positive achievement and non-achievement outcomes when taught by teachers who share their racial/ethnic background.”
– From a paper by Brendan Bartanen and Jason A. Grissom, Vanderbilt University

The education system in the United States has seen big changes, but one thing remains the same: a good quality teacher at the front of the class can have lasting impact on a student’s experience. And, as the research suggests, schools and districts who offer students the opportunity to learn from a teacher who shares their racial or ethnic background can expect to see big improvements in outcomes of both academic and non-academic metrics. The benefits of a diverse faculty are numerous, but the United States still has a way to go to create more truly diverse schools and school districts. The good news? In 2020 and beyond, opportunities abound for connecting with teachers of color who are actively seeking employment.

Since 2005, DIVERSITY in Ed Magazine & Online Service has worked to connect teacher candidates and school recruitment professionals; first in the pages of a widely circulated print magazine, and now through Virtual Recruitment events throughout the year. These recruitment solutions have provided significant value to recruiters from across the country looking to diversify their schools with high quality teachers from a range of diverse backgrounds.

Over the next 8 weeks, DIVERSITY in Ed plans to roll out a weekly campaign featuring concrete tips and recommendations for how to engage teachers from diverse backgrounds and improve staff diversity at your school or district. Learn from our authentic, solutions oriented, and expert informed approach, and start hiring—and retaining—high quality teachers from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Each week, you’ll find exclusive content in our blog feature, plus opportunities to connect at this fall’s Virtual Meet & Greet with Teachers of Color & Diverse Cultures. Ready to get started now? Read on for our first tip of the series, and get in touch with us today to sign up for our next event!