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About Us

We are a diversity and inclusion consultancy. We work with school districts, companies, nonprofits, and other organizations. We believe that when we see each other’s humanity and engage clearly and compassionately with one another, we can transform issues of inequity and exclusion to equitable and inclusive innovative solutions.

Through online study, coaching, training and collaborative learning partnerships, we help individuals and organizations identify and implement the tools and approaches that create the relationships that help you personally expand and build bridges in your school, workplace or community.

We grow as we practice what we teach: with our clients, with each other and throughout our lives.

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Our Mission

Transforming the way we engage with each other to challenge inequities and create a more inclusive world, one relationship at a time.

Our Vision

Epoch education provides quality equity tools, services and virtual resources that support the transformation of individuals so organizational cultures can become fully inclusive.

Our Members

Epoch Education takes companies through a process of online study, coaching, trainings and collaborative learning partnerships, helping you identify and implement the tools and approaches that create the relationships that allow you to personally expand, build effective teams, and work toward a common goal.

Training the World For Diversity

Epoch Education Provides high quality e-learning for faculty and staff. Equity courses provide participants with a historic perspective of race in America, specifically how race has impacted the systemic issues we see throughout schools across the US. They support you in developing skills to address complex issues through the lens of Critical Race Theory and encourage compassionate dialogue on issues that have remained taboo for too long. It’s time we had the difficult conversation in the open if we are serious about eliminating achievement disparities.

Fearless Leaders

Dr. Nancy Dome

Dr. Nancy Dome

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Nancy Dome is a renowned speaker and leader on Equity in school systems and workplaces with over 20 yrs in the education field as a child care worker, a teacher, and a professor.

Dora J. Dome, JD

Dora J. Dome, JD


Dora J. Dome, J.D., attorney, author, professor and renowned speaker has practiced Education Law for over 20 years, focusing on student issues and special education.

Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole

Equity Trainer

Kelly Cole, M.A., has over 20 years experience as a group facilitator, educator, community advocate, and ceremonialist.

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