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The Publisher’s Message

Dear teachers, administrators and recruiters,

Happy spring, and welcome to the new DIVERSITY in Ed Magazine! We’ve revamped our design and publishing schedule, and we’re excited to bring you a fea-ture-packed annual issue each spring with an emphasis on connecting excellent diverse teachers to thou-sands of job openings across the country.

We’re so proud of what you’ll find inside our first annual issue. The theme is SuperTeros — we honor those superhero teachers who go the extra mile for students and their school community. Look inside for some excellent profiles, plus a spotlight segment on teaching in Virginia and the need and opportunities for recruiting and hiring more teachers of color.

Our first annual issue also explores current topics for today’s job seekers, including a look at artificial intelligence in the classroom, as well as digital marketing tips for teachers who want to make a great im-pression online.

As always, we place a strong focus on the job market outlook for new teachers (spoiler alert — the future is very bright). We also offer concrete tips on the art of communication as well as the importance of capitalizing on culture during job interviews. Plus, check out some extra love for our youngest teachers in a selec-tion of workplace tips for millennials. This is already proving to be a busy year, with oppor-tunities for learning and growth nearly everywhere we turn. Help your students slow down and make sense of international news by checking out our story on global competence in the classroom, and make sure to give yourself time to reflect on the importance of self-care in our piece on the whole teacher — balance is key.

On a final note, don’t forget to browse our new Career Opportunities section. We’ve partnered with leaders of 53 school districts committed to filling thou-sands of positions with talented, diverse candidates at over 3,000 schools across the country. Find a complete list of the school districts in the Advertisers Index on page 54.

Thanks for reading and for including DIVERSITY in Ed in your teaching journey. Visit us at www.DiversityinEd.com for year-round content and job listings, and get in touch to let us know your thoughts on our redesign!

In the Spotlight

Transform Your Teaching Practice, and Become a “SuperTero”

By Caitlin Corrigan

If you’re a new or aspiring teacher, chances are you’ve had an educator make a major difference in your life. You know in your bones, just like so many of this nation’s students, that an extraordinary teacher in a classroom can be more powerful than almost any other factor in a child’s educational life.

A growing body of research supports this notion, which means that not only are teachers starting to get recognition for the powerful work they do every single day, but administrators are starting to turn the pressure on. Today’s teachers are poised to meet — and exceed — the demands of that pressure, while working together to build the supports they need to stay successful for years to come. [read more…]

Our SuperTeros

Robert Navarro, Garland ISD

School/District Name: W.C. Daugherty Ele-mentary/Garland ISD

City/State: Garland, Texas

Subject and Grade Level: 4th Grade, Math and Science

Years in Teaching: 2

Education: Community College of the Air Force associate degree (Aviation Maintenance Technology) Bachelor of Science in Sports and Health Sciences (American Military University)

Personal Statement: After serving 22 years in the U.S. Air Force, I knew I wanted to continue to serve my country and community and make a positive impact on the lives of others. I couldn’t think of any better way to do that than to become a teacher. Growing up with a parent who only reached the fifth grade, I am motivated to help economically disadvantaged students realize that with hard work and dedication, they too can achieve their goals and dreams.

Profiles of SuperTeros: Haha Itayem, Jahana Hayes, Allison Ashley and Andrea Greene [read more…]