Dr. Wafa Hozien, Senior Editor

Dr. Wafa Hozien has served in numerous roles for over 20 years in PK12 education. Presently she teaches graduate students in the Educational Leadership Department at Central Michigan University. She researches on issues affecting educational equity, practices and opportunity, including curriculum and assessment with a focus on minority student experiences in public schools. Dr. Hozien can be reached at: Hozie1w@cmich.edu

It is easier than ever to apply for a job, but when doing so, you surely want to make a lasting first impression by having the absolute best cover letter and resume. DIVERSITY in Ed has developed this site as your indispensable guide to becoming a teacher, that details cover letter best practices, resume formats, interview tips and general teacher career advice. No aspiring teacher should apply for a job without first starting here, whether you are beginning your career path or transitioning into the wonderful world of education. Our goal is to keep you informed, organized and confident so as to make all the right employment decisions. The job market may be tough to crack, but it’s not impossible. Follow our guides, and you’ll be landing your first teaching contract sooner than you think.

Job Search Action Plan Segment – Advance your education career starting here.

So you are on your way to completing your degree, student teaching and praxis exam. Or you have all that under your belt including your portfolio.

Figured out how you will find that job? Not exactly…

Education is a profession with great rewards and challenges. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for the next ten years, teaching jobs will be in demand.  So you are in luck. Shortages of qualified teachers will likely continue, resulting in competition among some localities, with schools luring teachers from other States and districts with bonuses and higher pay.

That is why we are here.  To guide you through the process, whether you are a seasoned teacher looking for a change or just starting out. You’ll learn about the degrees, certification necessary to become a teacher, great interview tips and more.

Whether you’re just starting out or experienced, this is the best place to start your education career. Access articles and websites from all over the Web in a single, easy-to-use site. And that is just the beginning. With DIVERSITY in Ed, access:

  • Career document tools
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  • Understanding recruitment
  • Walking through the hiring process