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About Us

You will find that SPS values trust and respect. We are committed to continuous development and open communication. Our #WeAreSikeston and #ThePowerOfWe beliefs exemplify the great team atmosphere our district offers students, staff, and community.



About Sikeston R-6 Schools Ready to be the next Sikeston Bulldog? Welcome home then! We look forward to connecting with you here at Sikeston R-6 Schools as the next step in your career path.


Our Culture, Diversity & Equity

The student body at the schools served by Sikeston R-6 is 53% White, 34.2% Black, 0.7% Asian or Asian/Pacific Islander, 4.9% Hispanic/Latino, 0.1% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0% Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. In addition, 7.1% of students are of two or more races, and 0% have not specified their race or ethnicity.

Also, 48% of students are female, and 52% of students are male. At schools in Sikeston R-6, 54.1% of students are eligible to participate in the federal free and reduced-price meal program and 0.7% of students are English language learners.


Our Recruitment

Teach like a champion!

  1. To create a sense of what it means to be a champion teacher
  2. To describe specific techniques champion teachers use to create a successful teaching and learning environment
  3. To maintain an Academic Ethos that will stand the test of high achievement
  4. To self-evaluate our skills and knowledge in the areas of champion teaching for the purpose of improvement in practice

Champion Teaching: The Sikeston Way

Sikeston R6 Schools

1002 Virginia
Sikeston, Missouri 63801

Phone— (573) 472-2581