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About Us

Minnetonka Schools offers an exceptional e-learning experience for students grades K-12. All Minnesota families can access our highly qualified teachers and innovative curriculum. Open enrollment welcome. K-12 tablet program. K-12 Online Options.



The mission of the Minnetonka School District is to ensure all students envision and pursue their highest aspirations while serving the greater good. In a community that transcends traditional definitions of excellence, we use learning and teaching as tools to value and nurture each person, inspire in everyone a passion to excel with confidence and hope, and instill expectations that stimulate extraordinary achievement in the classroom and in life.


As a world-class organization dedicated to child-centered excellence, the Minnetonka School District will:

  • Challenge and support all students in the pursuit of their highest levels of academic and personal achievement.
  • Practice prudent and innovative management of public resources.
  • Advocate for strong academic and strong co-curricular programs.
  • Attract, develop, and support the highest quality teachers and other educational professionals.
  • Demand the highest standards of professional excellence in every level of the organization.
  • Create, pursue, and champion outstanding early childhood education opportunities so that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.
  • Tailor learning experiences to the needs of individual learners.
  • Create positive, enjoyable learning environments.
  • Foster the development of good character and social responsibility.
  • Inspire students to understand and serve the greater good.
  • Celebrate students and staff of all backgrounds, cultures, experiences and identities.
  • Instill an abiding appreciation for the rights, privileges, and values of America’s system of government.
  • Produce outstanding graduates who are ready to contribute and thrive in a wide array of future pursuits and engage in life-long learning.
  • Earn and maintain broad-based community support.


Our Culture, Diversity & Equity


The Minnetonka School Board has a vision for world class, child centered excellence. We believe that students who feel a sense of belonging in their school are more likely to experience success inside and outside the classroom. The School Board, District Leadership, teachers and staff commit to working tirelessly to provide a school environment where all students feel safe, welcome, supported and accepted. As a District, we will strive to make sure each student feels heard, respected, included, valued and connected to our community—a feeling that they belong.

In order to support excellence and belonging, the District commits to the following:

  • Providing students with the tools, opportunities and support for success in school and preparation for beyond school, whether their post high school plans are to choose 2-year or 4-year college, trade school, technical college, the military or employment.
  • Programs and services will be in place at all schools in our District to ensure that student academic performance will not fall into patterns identifiable by factors such as race, ethnicity, English language proficiency, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation, or ability.
  • Providing teaching and learning services which will allow each student to achieve excellence where personal and academic achievement will flourish.
  • Services will be in place in our district to ensure all students have a person and place to connect with and to be heard around concerns that are impacting their sense of inclusion and belonging.
  • Deepening our understanding of factors impacting academic performance.
  • Discovering and pursuing new strategies for eliminating all achievement gaps.


Our Recruitment

This is a great place to work. Join us!

We know our people are our greatest asset, so we attract and retain employees who are among the best in their field. We are focused on world-class, child-centered excellence and student achievement is consistently among the top in the state and nation. We have high expectations for character, community, behavior, respect, responsibility, and service. Parent and community involvement in our schools is unmatched.

  • Be a part of one of the most highly respected school districts in Minnesota and the U.S.
  • Access leading edge classroom technology with reliable tech support and professional development
  • Be supported and appreciated by a highly involved parent community
  • Engender respect from students because you are respectful of our students
  • Be able to tailor learning experiences with differentiated curriculum and materials
  • Have opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and learn from leaders in your field
  • Find a culture of support and gratitude for a job well done

We encourage you to apply! By any measure of educational excellence, Minnetonka Public Schools excels. We are a community committed to families and children, one that values and supports education, and has a hometown community feel.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We believe……

“It is the mission of Minnetonka Schools to provide an exceptional, world-class, child-centered education for all students who enter our classrooms, and that means providing multiple pathways for students to achieve their personal aspirations,” said Chris Vitale, School Board Chair. “Each student brings their own unique perspective and strengths to our District. It is our ongoing work as a community to ensure they are supported so that they can thrive.” 

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Phone— (952) 401-5000