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DIVERSITY in Ed’s HR Newsweek is ideal for school recruiters, administrators, principals, and superintendents committed to the recruitment, hiring, onboarding/mentoring, and retention of teachers of color and diverse languages and cultural backgrounds. 

By: Rann Miller

By: Rann Miller

DIVERSITY in Ed Staff Writer

Rann Miller is a DIVERSITY in Ed staff writer, published author and a former teacher. He has contributed to scholarly journals, textbooks, and many different platforms on the topics of race in higher education, urban schools, sports, and the African American diaspora, and professional development for educational professionals. In addition to those things, He serves as a program director for a local school district, a professional development facilitator and also a public speaker.

Rann is also the founder of the Urban Education Mixtape, supporting urban educators and parents of students in urban schools. Rann is also the author of the upcoming book, Resistance Stories from Black History for Kids, with an anticipated release of January 2023. 

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The articles tackle the best but unconventional strategies for recruiting teachers of color. Sometimes, there are other avenues to which an HR professional or hiring staff can source out potential candidates with exceptional qualities from different walks of life.



To broaden one’s knowledge in hiring teachers of color is a skill every hiring manager should be able to learn. Stepping out of their comfort zones when recruiting for a specific teaching position should not always be too formal. Ticking all the usual boxes may not always be the way to go but rather being able to correlate one’s working experience and how it can contribute to the organization may be the best thing to identify when interviewing applicants.



Once the recruitment and hiring process is done, onboarding will be the next in line. Supporting teachers of color during onboarding can make or break their retention in a school or district. Having tips on how to better the onboarding programs for minority teachers will ultimately improve their retention rate.

Recruiting Hiring Retention


It’s a good thing to be able to hire teachers of color in your school is district, but it is great to have them stay teaching. Being a teacher from a minority background may be overwhelming especially when working in a white institutional space. Here are recommended ways to lower the turnover rate of teacher of color in your school or district.

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