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About Us

Cheltenham Township is a diverse, suburban community in Montgomery County, PA, which sits on the northwest border of the city of Philadelphia in the heart of the Northern Greater Philadelphia region. Although comparatively small, Cheltenham Township is rich in diversity, acting as a microcosm of our country, full of people of different racial, religious, social, and economic backgrounds.

The District operates four K-4 elementary schools, one 5-6 elementary school, one 7-8 middle school, and one high school, serving approximately 4,525 students. The District is fully inclusive and offers a broad range of Special Education services.


Our Mission

Drawing on its cultural richness, creativity, and tradition of scholastic excellence, the Cheltenham School District strives to nurture each child through a wealth of academic endeavors and community partnerships that provide the skills and vision needed to lead a productive and meaningful life beyond our classroom walls.



Our Culture, Diversity & Equity

The district has undertaken the challenge of eradicating the systemic inequities existing in our school district with regards to the disparity among and between students of particular demographic groups as it relates to student achievement outcomes.

Our strategic plan was built on a foundation of equity, access and opportunity.  Within each of the strategic plan’s five pathways, you will find language speaking to our commitment to excellence for every student. In “Pathway 2: Student Achievement,” we committed to a lofty goal calling for the deliberate focus on closing the gaps in achievement to ensure all students – without exception – grow, learn and achieve. Ernest Boyer stated it best, “To push excellence today without continuing to push for access for less privileged students is to undermine the crucial but incomplete gains that have been made. Equity and excellence cannot be divided.”

We are proud to have partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s Coalition for Educational Equity and Pennsylvania School Boards Association in support our equity journey.


Teachers Salaries

Average Salary: $50,000- $65,000

Salary Range: $35,000-$90,000

Cheltenham School District is committed to improving the demographics of its staff so that it is reflective of the diverse community in which our students live. To execute this initiative, new programs and innovative recruitment and hiring strategies will be implemented and enhanced. The district is pleased to inform you of our continued affiliation with the DVCEE [Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence & Equity] which is spearheaded by the University of Pennsylvania. The district is committed to the goals of this organization, and to employing personnel who support the initiatives of the consortium.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We believe……

The Cheltenham School District is an equal opportunity employer.

2000 Ashbourne Road Elkins Park, PA 19027

Phone: 215-881-6343