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Explore the interaction of teaching, learning and curriculum through the UW’s nationally-ranked graduate programs in education. With a shared commitment to equity, democracy and justice in education and society, we employ diverse disciplinary, theoretical and methodological approaches to the teaching and learning of powerful knowledge.

Our Mission

As a public college of education, we strive to transform inequitable systems of education to create just, sustainable and culturally-thriving democracies by engaging in dynamic, collaborative partnerships, practices and research.


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Students and faculty partner with communities, educators and youth to engage in research throughout the Puget Sound and beyond. Together, we reimagine, implement and study approaches to curriculum and instruction, moving the field toward more equitable outcomes for youth and their communities.

Our graduates pursue work in a range of public and private settings as educators, instructional leaders, curriculum developers and researchers.

Office of Student Diversity & Inclusion

Today, the mission of the OSDI is to create social, educational, and professional spaces and networks of UW College of Education students of color, international students, students from other underrepresented groups, and allies to build community, access one another as resources and support systems, and share conversations about diversity and inclusion in education.

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Making a Difference

Become a School Leader!

Our Programs

The OSDI represents the College of Education’s commitment to diversity and access to higher education. We do this by connecting prospective students to information, faculty, staff, and most importantly current students, so that they may begin to foster an educational and social environment and support system. Our office provides support services and events to assist all students to successfully apply to graduate school, transition to graduate life and become leaders in their communities and fields.

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  • 1-on-1 Services
  • Prospective Student Days
  • Diversity Ambassadors


A Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree provides intermediate-level graduate training which enhances professional knowledge and prepares students for further graduate study, if desired. Each specialty option has specific requirements in terms of courses, credit hours, internships, etc. Working closely with a faculty advisor, every M.Ed. The student undertakes an individualized course of study, which culminates in a major project such as thesis, portfolio project, or an internship experience. Largely through valuable mentoring and networking, our graduates pursue careers in education administration, counseling, among other options. See the complete list of M.Ed. degrees offered by the College

A Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree is designed to prepare a student for advanced professional practice directed mainly toward the application or transmission of existing knowledge. The program of study leading to the Doctor of Education, as a professional degree, focuses on the utilization of research knowledge, rather than on the production of new research knowledge. Those who aspire to leadership positions as administrators, policy analysts, curriculum designers, or learning resource specialists, for example, would appropriately seek the Doctor of Education degree. Our graduates have a finely tuned specialty expertise, an understanding of research development and application for positions in administrations, policy analyst, curriculum designer, or learned resources specialist.

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Our Diversity

The College of Education fulfills its mission by collaborating with poverty-impacted, culturally diverse schools to solve real-world educational challenges and close opportunity and achievement gaps. Our distinctive method places the College’s teacher candidates, faculty, research and professional development programs inside schools, where leading-edge teaching practices are developed, tested and refined in real time. Our model prepares outstanding teachers and leaders who are change agents ready to dramatically improve the quality of entire educational systems and make excellent education a daily reality for every student in every community.


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At the University of Washington College of Education, we believe that every child in every school deserves an outstanding education. Our faculty, students and alumni work every day to achieve that vision by addressing the persistent achievement and opportunity gaps that exist in our schools.

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Non-Discrimination Policy

The principle of not discriminating against individuals based on characteristics such as race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political beliefs, veteran status, or disability unrelated to job or course of study requirements is consistent with the purposes of a university and with the law.