Facing History and Ourselves


Located in Brookline, MA, Facing History and Ourselves is an international education and professional development organization committed to using the lessons of history to challenge teachers and students to stand up to bigotry and hate. Through professional development training, follow-up support, and best-in-class educational resources, Facing History equips middle and high school educators to teach classroom lessons and units that integrate social-emotional learning and civic knowledge and skills into core academic content, including history, social studies, and English/Language Arts.


At Facing History we honor and value the uniqueness of each and every human being. Our strength as an organization that provides and distributes educational content and pedagogy to teachers across the globe is directly tied to our diversity of staff, leadership, educators, students, scholars, and volunteers. Our commitment is to treat individuals with dignity and to build and maintain a community of full participation, one that values and promotes diversity and inclusivity in their association with excellence. We invite to our community those who share our vision of a world marked by caring and knowledge, not prejudice and bigotry, and our belief that complex conversations—such as those about diversity—are at the heart of a thriving democracy.


Headquartered in Brookline, MA, Facing History has a global footprint with seven U.S. sites (Brookline, MA; Chicago; Cleveland, Los Angeles; Memphis; New York City, San Francisco), two international partner entities (Toronto and London), and partnerships in several countries including Northern Ireland, France, South Africa and Colombia.

“Our diversity and inclusion program was established with an emphasis on hiring of diverse candidates and building a world-class workplace culture. Facing History is strengthening its core work in schools and classrooms, scaling its impact with a broader network of educators and raising its voice as a thought leader in education.”

Roger Brooks

President & CEO

Facing History and Ourselves
16 Hurd Rd
Brookline, MA 02445



Diversity Statement

Facing History and Ourselves is an equal opportunity employer. Respecting individual differences is an integral part of our culture. We aspire to be a diverse and inclusive organization that reflects the core values expressed in our mission.

Our workplace is characterized by a commitment to mission, eagerness for learning, and passion for the work. We strive to create a community where staff are accountable to goals, open to feedback and ideas, follow through on commitments, have high standards, and relate to others in a collaborative fashion that engenders mutual respect.