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Located minutes from downtown Boston, Needham, Massachusetts is a town of approximately 30,000 residents. Needham Public Schools employs faculty and staff from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 23% percent of the student population is comprised of ethnic minorities and students speak a total of 50 different languages at home. The School Committee and Superintendent have made student learning and workplace equity and equality a top priority. 

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Needham Public Schools / Equity / Hiring & Employment Practices In Support of Equity.

The district has established specific goals and is taking steps to ensure that our Hiring & Employment Practices are equitable for all. Please refer to Human Resources webpages for additional information.



The district’s working definition of equity, proposed by our Superintendent as a starting point for our work, is the basis for the development of curriculum and assessments, the design of learning activities, the purchase of books and materials, hiring staff, the facilitation of meetings, and just generally going about the business of school. Equity is in the forefront, and staff take action based on its intent and meaning as we continue to make progress toward this district priority. 


  Fair and just access, inclusion, and participation; the practice of nurturing a learning environment in which all children are empowered to grow, create, and achieve; freedom from bias and discrimination; an understanding that each child possesses personal gifts and attributes and brings these to the classroom which strengthen learning for all; a process by which we promote justice, engender respect, and inspire hope.

Hiring & Employment Practices In Support of Equity

The district has established specific goals and is taking steps to ensure that our Hiring & Employment Practices are equitable for all. Please refer to Human Resources webpages for additional information.


  • All students regardless of race, economic status, English language proficiency will have equitable access to diverse high quality educators and school leaders
  • Leverage teacher evaluation system to clarify expectations and evaluate teacher competence with culturally proficient and culturally responsive teaching practices

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We have no place for bigotry, racism, homophobia, or hate in the classrooms of the Needham Public Schools. All students and staff, regardless of race, color, sex, homeless status, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, ability, socioeconomic status, or immigration status, have dignity and are valued and contributing members of our learning community.

It’s time we move the needle on performance for those students who have historically not achieved at levels commensurate with many of their peers. It’s time to ensure our instruction is engaging and our schools safe for each child and free of bias, bullying, and hurtful acts that demean and diminish. With energy, hope, and a deep belief in the promise and possibility of each one of our young people, the district administrators are committed to working with the School Committee, staff, parents, community members, and especially students, to build on our assets and tackle the challenges of ensuring equity for all. Our work is led by the REAL Coalition (Race, Equity, Access, Leadership). 



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The Needham Public Schools has identified the core values of Scholarship, Citizenship, Community, and Personal Growth as being fundamental to our mission.These values provide a foundation for educating our children and support district goals and plans. We are proud of our school district and are happy to share information about the Needham Public Schools with you.

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The district has established goals and is taking steps to ensure that our Policies and Practices are supporting all our students. For example, on April 10, 2019, the Superintendent provided a protocol to principals and school administrators for responding to acts of bias and hate crimes in the Needham Public Schools. This protocol outlined specific steps to ensure safety, investigate, communicate, involve others, support impacted or marginalized students and staff, and promote healing. As a general rule, we will share essential and appropriate information, updates and resources without amplifying the biased and hateful voices or actions of those who violate school rules, school norms, commit crimes, or jeopardize the safety and wellbeing of members of the school community.